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Abbott Proposes Bonuses For Texas Teachers
Friday, April 25, 2014    
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But teacher groups and parents have issues with the idea

Attorney General and Republican candidate for Governor Greg Abbott wants to give bonuses to teachers whose students do well on college readiness tests. But while Texas ranks near the bottom of the list in teacher pay, teacher groups and parents aren’t necessarily on board with the proposal.

The bonuses could be as much as two thousand dollars. Gayle Fallon is the President of the Houston Federation of teachers and says this idea won't go over well at all.

“If that happened no one would want to teach in low income schools or a class that was behind in grade level,” Fallon said.

Parent groups are also not sure if this is the best way to raise teacher salaries.

Kyle Ward of the Texas PTA told KTRH that, “Teachers should be evaluated, not only how the students perform on the tests, but on the things they do in the classroom that impact student success.”

And then there's the issue of teaching for tests. Many have complained about it. Some parents have even stopped their kids from taking the STAAR tests. Ward says this idea doesn't solve that problem.

“This raises more discussion about testing and rewarding teachers solely on how those students perform on those tests,” Ward told KTRH.

Fallon says Abbott’s proposal would only make the problem worse than it is now.

“Parents all over the state say that there’s too much emphasis on the testing and then you have a candidate going in the completely opposite direction,” Fallon said.

Education is becoming an increasingly bigger issue in the race for Governor between Abbott and State Senator Wendy Davis.