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TXDOT Needs More Money
Monday, January 14, 2013    
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Requesting $4 billion a year

The Texas Department of Transportation says the growing Texas population is evidence of the need for more highway maintenance and construction.

TXDOT, whose current annual budget is $10 billion says they need an additional $1 billion for road maintenance and another $3 billion for construction to fight congestion.

TXDOT Executive Director Phil Wilson says they have been proactive in projects that fight congestion, like the advancement of the highway 290 expansion by 20 years.  But, they need more funds to maintain the 80,000 miles of Texas roads, and to construct new roads.

Wilson says he hopes the state legislature will address the issue of the gas tax that hasn't changed in 22 years.  Adjusting the gas tax to reflect inflation will provide TXDOT with more funds to fight congestion around the state.